Oyster Stout Comes and Goes at The Tasting Kitchen

Photo: srboisvert via Flickr

Ever wonder where to get oyster-infused stout? Us neither, but Abbot-Kinney restaurant The Tasting Kitchen just had it, Squid Ink tells us while getting tanked on the stuff. Taking Craftsman Brewing up on their offer to donate the rare mixture to the first L.A. restaurant that would accept it, the new Venice restaurant worked out a complicated engine for getting the stout from firkin (a specialized cork keg for beer) to pint-glass. Apparently the mix dates back to 17th Century England when an over-abundance of oysters got brewers stoked to steep the alkaline-laced shells into their black brews to dull any sour flavor.

Both Squid Ink and beer expert Christina Perozzi enjoyed the mixture, with Perozzi offering,”The briny, saltiness of the oysters works with the slight smoke and maltiness of the stout.” The restaurant is through with oyster stout for now, the remainder gone to the owner, but plans a relationship with Craftsman for further exotic brews. We hear San Fran might have its own supply, but does anyone know where this is served in the Southland?

Oysters in Your Stout? [Squid Ink]