Vendy Awards Finalists Are Announced


The finalists for the 2009 Vendy Awards were announced yesterday, and they’re as follows: Last year’s People’s Taste winner, Meru Sikder of the Biryani Cart; 2007 finalist Freddy Zeidaies, the King of Falafel; Kenny Lao of Rickshaw Dumpling; O’Neill Reid of the Jamaican Dutchy; and Fernando & Jolanda Martinez of the Country Boys/Martinez Taco Truck, known for serving huaraches at the Red Hook Ballfields. Dessert-category nominees are still to come. Among others, this is a blow to the Schnitzel & Things truck, which had implored its Twitter followers to nominate it despite its being only a month or so out of the gate. Come on, guys, you’ve got to pay your dues. Find out more about the nominees and buy tickets for the September 26 cook-off at the Vendy Awards website.

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