Vegetable Gardens Boost Morale; Ripert Loves Sustainable Bluefin


Some small businesses are investing in vegetable gardens as a way to boost employee morale. [WSJ]

Eric Ripert casually prepared the very unsustainable bluefin tuna on Late Night With David Letterman last night. [Fork in the Road/VV]
Update: Robert Sietsema issued a correction The tuna is apparently of the farm-raised variety from Australia, not the wild, unsustainable kind.

Gourmet honchos are hoping the magazine's new show, Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth, will boost ad sales. [Reuters]

The Chairman from Iron Chef America will compete this season on Dancing With the Stars. [Eat Me Daily]

Newly unionized Starbucks workers protested a rise in health premiums at the company's regional headquarters in Manhattan last night. [City Room/NYT]

Consumers' newfound desire to save money yet still treat themselves is a "perfect storm" for boutique beers. [Reuters]

Former Mam Mexico workers, who are now suing the restaurant, are angry about Mayor Bloomberg's praise for owner Juan Rojas Campos. [NYP]

A new study finds that a significant number of adults over 50 are binge drinking. [NYP]

While most chain restaurants are offering deep discounts to target the broadest possible audience, Panera Bread is keeping prices steady and focusing on "the 90 percent who are still employed." [WSJ]