Fledgling ‘Democratic’ Club the Griffin Dies in First Trimester


Just like the 2002 Van Halen reunion, the meatpacking "superclub" the Griffin — backed by an all-star team of the Milk & Honey and Little Branch lads and Room Service's Chris Reda, among others — was promising but short-lived. The night it opened, Griffin seemed like it might take off. "What struck us most about Griffin was how pleasantly democratic it felt ... Griffin might just make it tolerable for New Yorkers to visit the meatpacking district again," Jada Yuan wrote at the time. Alas, Guest of a Guest is reporting that the place is closing, a mere three months after it opened. "The issues surfaced when former club king Unik ... began promoting nights at the Hotel on Rivington rooftop," they explain. Sad, but predictable, since most democracies fail in their first five years, anyway.

Breaking: Griffin to Close After Three Short Months? [Guest of a Guest]