Sustainable Food at the U.S. Open, by the Numbers


It’s day one of the U.S. Open, and while some thoughts drift to Federer in white shorts, we’re most concerned about new things to eat. Restaurants at the U.S. Open have showcased seasonal ingredients in the past because summer foods are delicious, but the USTA has embarked on a green mission (Hybrid transportation for players! Organic T-shirts!) this year. Food-service provider Levy Restaurants is sourcing over 30,000 pounds of produce from farms in the metro area, plus North Eastern seafood. Examples at the finer restaurants: Aces has a Long Island lobster roll, and Champions features spicy Long Island clam chowder. But, plebians have access to local ingredients as well. The Patio Café caprese has Jersey tomatoes and local basil, Louis Armstrong Stadium will be selling organic ice cream from Blue Marble in Brooklyn, and cups and things will be made with biodegradable ingredients. Behind the scenes, kitchens will compost food waste, and cooking oil will be saved for Tri-State Biodiesel. That’s a good enough excuse to order French fries, but you can check out just how much local food has been ordered for you, below.

Satur Farms, Long Island: 230 pounds of frisée, 3,000 pounds of mesclun, 1,000 pounds of arugula
Porch Farms, New Jersey: 12,000 pounds of tomatoes
Turek Farms, New York: 1,500 pounds of corn, 500 pounds of peas, 2,300 pounds of carrots, 1,000 pounds of zucchini
Gurda Farms, Middletown, New York: 3,000 pounds of herbs and lettuces
Lynette Farms, Kent, New York: 3,500 pounds of squash, 500 pounds of peas, 2,500 pounds of cabbage

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