Supermarkets Educate Butchers; Local Chefs Work Around Blight


Supermarkets nationwide are making an effort to better educate their butchers about cuts of meat. [WSJ]

Local chefs like Applewood's David Shea are figuring out ways to work around this year's tomato blight, like making tomatoes more of a garnish than a centerpiece. [Bitten/NYT]

So it's come to this at Cond Nast: Graydon Carter is eating in the cafeteria. [NYO]

Five Italian wineries have been charged with making counterfeit Brunello wine. [NYT]

It's a good summer for peaches. [NYT]

Green bell peppers are reviled by most food lovers, but they do have their defenders, like Boqueria's Seamus Mullen. [NYT]

The Food Network's Bartender Wars filmed in the East Village yesterday. [EV Grieve]

West Village pan-Asian spot Aja is no longer. [Zagat Buzz]