Stephen Hanson Will Open Bill’s Bar & Burger in Hog Pit Space

Photo: Youngna Park

Yesterday, Steve Hanson’s reps revealed to us that in late October, he’ll open an all-American bar and restaurant in the former Hog Pit space (above his nouveau dive 675 Bar, and next to his trattoria Vento). It’ll be called Bill’s Bar & Burger, and the food will be basic: hot dogs, grouper sandwiches, onion rings, and griddled turkey burgers. A six-seat bar will serve domestic beers, and there’s also talk of spiked milkshakes. With 5 Ninth (among other examples) moving in an “all-American” direction, it has to be asked: Where the restaurant industry is concerned, is red, white, and blue the new black?

Bill’s Bar & Burger, 22 Ninth Ave., nr. 13th St