Sazon’s Authentic Sonoran Hot Dogs

Street Dogs
Street Dogs Photo: Inuyaki via Flickr

The hot cross-border import currently sweeping the southwest is the Sonoran-style hot dog, which has bred an estimated 200-plus restaurants in Tuscon and many more in Phoenix, reports NPR. Many Angelenos think they know these as the bacon-wrapped dogs cooked nightly by street vendors dotting the city, but Sazon’s Sonoran-born owner/chef Claudia Q. respectfully calls those “an imitation,” however close they come. The real deal is served at her Culver City Latin fusion restaurant and comes smothered in pinto beans, tomatoes, grilled onions and raw onions, plus mayo, cream sauce, mustard, and jalapeno salsa. “They were very popular in high school because they had everything and cost ten cents,” she says. Sazon’s only variation from the recipe comes in using a turkey dog as the main component, solely out of concern for our tickers. That does not stop Claudia from enthusiastically tempting city residents to “get one from a real Sonoran girl.”

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