Russ & Daughters Refuses to Bend to Blogger’s Delivery Needs

Photo: Russ and Daughters

The Lo Down has a hilarious, heart-wrenching account of trying to order from Russ & Daughters, only to discover its apartment falls just outside of the free delivery zone. Quelle horreur! Russ won’t send bagels to the blogger’s Seward Park building without charging an extra $13.50, despite the fact that other buildings in the complex fall within the delivery zone, and despite the fact that other points inside the zone are actually farther away. The solution: “I had to go out and meet the delivery guy on the corner of Grand and Clinton. Sorta like that Seinfeld episode where the Chinese delivery guy wouldn’t cross 86th street to deliver Elaine’s order and she has to adopt a janitor’s closet on the other side of the street.” On the one hand, we’re tempted to scold the Lo Down for being a lazy lummox; but on the other hand, how harsh is it when an institution you love this much won’t go the extra mile for you (or the extra 200 feet or whatever). Part of us actually feels for these caviar-craving ninnies.