Porky’s Actor Makes Hollywood Comeback to Manage Philippe Chow

Photo: John Pickens via Flickr

Roger Wilson, best known for his portrayal of Mickey in Porky’s, was re-discovered while bartending at Philippe East Hampton this summer. Finding roles few and far between after Porky’s II: The Next Day failed to win nominations from the Academy, Wilson like so many of his acting peers, grabbed a service job. According to Philippe owner Stratis Morfogen via Contactmusic.com, “The story I heard was, he was a struggling musician trying to make it. But then every A-list patron who walked in the door knew him… we spoke in detail about his past - amazing guy and amazing story.” Wilson is being sent back to Hollywood by the celeb-targeting restaurant chain, endowed with a choice new position as manager of the forthcoming Philippe Chow restaurant which will take over the Dolce space around September. You see, actors-slash-waiters, it can happen if you hang in there.

Wilson’s Bartending Job Leads to Hollywood Return [Contact Music]