Rockaway Taco: It’s Not Hard, Not Far to Reach (Unless You Get There Late)

Photo: The Atlantic

Rockaway Taco, the locavore taco shack a couple of blocks from the Far Rockaways’ surfing spot, gets a long-overdue profile on The Atlantic’s food channel. Among other things, we discover chef Andrew Field is a local Rick Bayless of sorts, having spent four years in Mexico learning his craft and often returning there in the off-season. One thing we’ll note about Rockaway Taco: Business has really picked up there recently, ever since the track-bike hipsters discovered the Rockaways. Don’t even think about showing up there fifteen minutes till closing time, because they may well be out of everything and you’d have to settle for some albeit excellent Italian ice from DiCosmos, the 94-year-old New Jersey company that shares the shack with Rockaway Taco as of this summer.

Rockaway Taco and DiCosmos, 95-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd., on 95th St., Rockaway Beach, Queens; 347-213-7466