Platt Slams Monkey Bar; Pickles and Pig-Fat Piecrust at the Greenmarket

Photo: Donna Alberico/The New York Times/Redux

In the magazine this week, Adam Platt hunts celebrities and chokes down “uninspired … retro classics” at Monkey Bar, which proves that “[o]nce a scene restaurant like Michael’s or Mr. Chow achieves critical mass, people will ingest almost anything to be part of the show.” Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld have two finds at the Greenmarket: The release of Rick’s Picks classic pickles “coincides with the closing of Guss’, a culinary tragedy of full-sour proportion,” and Flying Pigs Farm “co-owner Jennifer Small has concocted a frozen pie dough made with her own hogs’ leaf lard.” To help coffee geeks survive the heat wave, Rob and Robin also recommend a Grom granita, in which “slushy ice crystals of intense dark coffee are sweetened just enough to balance the brew’s bitter edge, and the result packs a huge flavor hit.” Finally, a cheat sheet tells you where to eat on Bergen Street in Brooklyn.