Brazilian Pizza in a Cone Comes to Queens


While Slice asks its readers whether they fold their pizza, we’ve discovered that Rio Bonito supermarket is serving “pizza in the cone.” Our tipsters failed to photograph or sample it, which is kind of like seeing the Lochness Monster and going, “Eh”; but rest assured, we’ve dispatched a team of intrepid explorers. Meanwhile, a store manager says this is not the Spanish vending-machine pizza. Rather it’s the first franchise of a chain, Cone Pizza, that has 100 locations in Brazil (see the bonkers video for an introduction). For the past couple of years, food in a cone has been so popular there that you can even get chicken sandwiches in cones at McDonald’s. As for Rio Bonito’s cone pizza, it’s made with frozen dough imported from Brazil, that’s shaped into a cone via a machine, and filled with fresh ingredients (varieties include chicken, sausage, pepperoni, vegetarian, ham-and-cheese, margherita, and four-cheese). Cones are $2.99 to $4.99. The sidewalk takeout stand, which opened a couple of weeks ago, also sells homemade pastries — everything from cake to Rio’s more traditional street food, pão de queijo.