Pete Balodimas Leaves Quince for Arizona; What’s Up at Between Boutique?


As of the end of August, Peter Balodimas is out the door at Evanston’s Quince — The Food Chain reports that his girlfriend got a transfer to Phoneix, and so in the interest of romantic harmony he’s heading out west with her. He’ll be settling in out there through August 24, and then return for a short last hurrah through early September. Time Out Chicago has the full release.

And speaking of releases, the folks at Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge are awfully eager for everyone to get excited about their new “Consulting Chef” Jose Victorio, who’s been on board long enough (and has already been written up enough for his Peruvian-Asian) that it’s kind of old news. We’re much more interested in the story of what happened to Noah Sandoval, who held the position of executive chef once Radhika was out the door — and who isn’t mentioned at all in the timeline implied by the Jose Victorio press release. Mysterious mysteries!