Paul McCrudden: Breaking Lunch-Line Barriers


Good morning. This will change your life: Some people are obsessed with Pret A Manger and willing to walk long avenue blocks for prepackaged sandwiches. This leads to long bottlenecks at Pret during lunch hour, which occasions grousing and general ire. This was all accepted until one brave man invoiced for his time wasted. According to the Telegraph, Paul McCrudden invoiced 50 companies for the “time he spent as a consumer” for six weeks this summer. He charged £25.50 an hour, a quarter of his usual rate, to reflect the fact that time spent with them is not as “'productive' as it is with my employer.” Pret and three other lunch spots are paying him. So, all you freelance fact-checkers at Condé, send an invoice to Pret for one dollar an hour (that's about a quarter of your hourly pay, right?). Unpaid interns, you're out of luck; just wait your turn and eat your jambon et beurre quietly.

Man Invoices Pret-A-Manger [Telegraph UK]