Patsy’s Turns Back the Clock on Prices


For the second time (this time to celebrate its 76th anniversary), the original Patsy’s Pizzeria will roll back its menu to 1933 prices (90 cents for a steak, 60 cents for a whole pizza, 40 cents for mussels) this Wednesday from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m. (by the looks of the earlier end time, they learned from last year's mistakes). This year, the city will give the name Patsy Lancieri Way to First Avenue between 117th and 118th, and there'll be a pizza-eating contest between the fire department, police department, and EMTs to benefit a needy student. It should be mentioned that the press release describes Patsy's Pizzeria as a favorite of Frank Sinatra, something the other Patsy's famously took umbrage over.