Monterey Park Eateries Earn Mostly B’s

Photo: Procsilas via Flickr

Some L.A. neighborhoods are A students when it comes to county restaurant inspections and others solidly earn B’s. SellShopQuick offers that it is a mark of pride in areas heavy with foreign cooks to earn a B as a sign of authenticity, but is often a sign of their unfamiliarity with Los Angeles’ food safety standards as well. Using Monterey Park as an example of an ethnic restaurant-heavy hood, 51% of the area’s restaurants have B ratings, compared with just over fifteen percent of restaurants in the whole county. A’s have been bestowed upon 82.7% of county restaurants, while Monterey Park only has 41%. While we’re dying to see which other neighborhoods have stats to match these findings, our own sickest moments have come on the heels of supposed first-class dinners in L.A. and not yet from its B students.

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