On the Matter of Alcoholic Ice Cream


Blondie and Brownie points out that on Tuesdays in August, Shake Shack is serving a custard in the flavor of what seems to be the drink of the moment (the dark and stormy). They describe it as a boozy version of Shake Shack's Gingerbread Custard, which got us wondering if theres actually rum in it. (After all, the Shack only serves beer and wine.)

Actually, were told its made from rum extract, ginger, and molasses, so its not alcoholic. (By the way, the Shack also tells us its adding sweet corn as a summer special next Thursday.) While were on the subject of alcoholic ice cream, it bears mentioning that the State Liquor Authority just posted its annual report, and among the changes in liquor law: Ice Cream made with wine will now be considered a non-alcoholic product and can be manufactured and sold without a license from the Authority. So Art Smiths champagne and strawberry soup can presumably be served to kids! Theres also this interesting change:

The definition of wine has been changed. Wine can now be produced not only from grapes, but also other fruits and plants. The definition of New York State labeled wine has also been change to include other fruits, as well as grapes.

Score one for apple wine! Wonder how the folks who got up in arms about the labeling of blended ros will feel about this.