Old Lady Died Moved So You Can Eat at Dovetail

Photo: Patrick McMullan

The Upper West Side is full of lonely old ladies living alone, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that when chef John Fraser tried to expand Dovetail by 800 square feet and twenty seats, his plans were stinted by “a frail elderly lady living out her final years,” writes Gael Greene. But happily (!(?)!) the frail old lady has died moved*, and plans to expand Dovetail can move forward! Yay! Expect the new Dovetail to be ready by Thanksgiving; you can enjoy Fraser’s delicate turkey in the same exact spot where the aforementioned lonely old lady probably sat, rocking in a beat-up chair, gazing as best she could through cataract-ridden eyes at an old family photograph of distant children and a husband long deceased, as the quiet murmur of laughter and aromas of basted turkey breast came from Dovetail’s kitchen.

*Correction: We just got a call from Dovetail’s reps who informed us that what Gael Greene referred to as “fate has emptied the apartment” simply meant that the “frail elderly lady” has moved. We regret the error.
Correction Update: Chef John Frasier called us to add that Dovetail had a great relationship with their neighbor, who has moved to Florida to be closer to her family.

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