Newly Social Bruni Tosses Four Stars to Eleven Madison Park

Photo: The Advocate

Frank Bruni continues to come out of the shadows, first via an article in the Advocate accompanied by yet another photo (this one revealing to a better extent just how svelte he has become), and second, and more important, via a review five years in the making that confers a rare four stars on Eleven Madison Park and goes to great pains to make it clear that Daniel Humm’s restaurant deserves to be up there with the other five restaurants Bruni has given four stars to. In fact, with the exception of Masa, he manages to mention all his previous picks by name (Le Bernardin, Jean Georges, Per Se, and Daniel) and says he sends people to EMP more often than Daniel or Le Bernardin because it’s more affordable.

Of course, Twitter lit up with the news yesterday evening (the review was a lede on the Times home page, after all), and Eleven Madison Park wasted no time in breaking out four-star T-shirts at a party last night (it had been planned regardless of the results, but one gets the feeling they knew) and putting four stars on its homepage. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that the real Bruni has now taken over the fake Bruni’s Twitter account, though so far he has tweeted only the following: “for the record i (f bruni) didn’t call twitter pointless, or make prior food comments under this twitter ID. was impostor. but ID now mine.” And Bruni is now on Facebook, too — sorry, guys, he’s “in a relationship.”