New Yorker Poised to Outgorge Sheepish Londoner


This morning an intern at a London financial firm took the infamous vending-machine challenge, attempting to consume 27 items of junk food (approximately 6,000 calories) in five and a half hours. How did it end? According to Dealbreaker, the intern “had 8 minutes to go ... 1 mars bar left ... and he vomited! on the desk! FAIL!!!!” Hmmm, maybe it was the “Yorkie” (“It’s not for girls!”) that did the lad in. Either way, a U.S. analyst is attempting to show the Brits how it’s done, by ingesting a whopping 40 items (most of them expired!) totaling 9,000 calories (albeit in quite a bit more time — 9.9 hours). As of 2:44 p.m.: “His pace is troublesome, and he has a long battle ahead of him.” Come on, this is child’s play. In fact, we’re currently training for a triathlon involving a vending-machine challenge, the milk challenge, and the Saltine challenge.