Legendary Wine Cask to be Reanimated in Santa Barbara

Photo: Wine Cask

One of Santa Barbara’s finest will be back in business when The Wine Cask returns this November under the ownership of co-founder Doug Margerum and Mitchell Sjerven, a former Wine Cask employee turned successful local restaurateur. Margerum had sold the famous restaurant and wine retailer in 2007 to Bernard Rosenson, owner of The Sky Room in Long Beach. Rosensen was evicted from the space last winter as the economy sputtered, goosed along by accusations of mismanagement from his landlord, The SIMA Company, whose CEO is quoted by Rosensen as saying, “I will destroy you,” according to the SB Independent. Margerum and Sjerven will resurrect the old Wine Cask space that brought attention to wines from the Central Valley long before Giamatti slammed Merlot in Sideways. After Rosensen’s significant re-imagining of The Wine Cask, Margerum and Sjerven are committed to bringing back what locals and tourists loved, with a refined dinner-only menu and the same gorgeous room it used to inhabit.

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