Le Fooding Descends Onto P.S.1


Paris hipster food movement Le Fooding is coming to New York and throwing hipster New York foodies into a tizzy. It's just so vachement chouette. The culmination of Le Fooding — the culinary equivalent of the Battle of Ticonderoga — will be a barbecue September 25 and 26 at P.S.1. There will be Belvedere vodka, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, six chefs from New York, six chefs from Paris, Paul Sevigny (because when isn't there a Paul Sevigny), and a very small window of opportunity for you to get your tickets starting ... now ... Oh, wait, now? Fuck it. You have to have a secret code, a code d'amour. That's enervating. Oh, you can get the code here. (Why are the French so difficult?) Allez vite, mes enfants!