Jennifer Aniston Possibly Planning Her Own Restaurant


Sitcom star Jennifer Aniston is reportedly mulling over her own restaurant. Aniston is a dynamo in her brand new kitchen, according to pals, cooking up her own recipes and managing a constant flow of friends who come to hang out and eat. “Everyone says she should open her own restaurant and she said she would love to,” says a source to Blend Celebrity, without giving any concrete plans. Jen recently gabbed to People that her house is “the best restaurant in town,” before a soupcon of credit lands on her two personal chefs. We hope for the sake of L.A. diners that it is not also the most enclosed bubble of hungry Hollywood sycophants in town. Aniston says she likes cooking with fish and also brussels sprouts, causing us to conjure a chain of Rachel’s Greens hitting the city soon. What do you think Aniston should call her restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

Jennifer Aniston’s House the Best Restaurant in Town

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