Irving Mill Fights Ex-Chef John Schaefer in Court

Photo: Melissa Hom

Irving Mill is embroiled in a messy lawsuit with its opening chef (and Ryan Skeen’s precursor) John Schaefer, according to papers City File has unearthed. The chef, who now works at Grotto in Morris Plains, New Jersey, sued the restaurant for breach of contract several weeks ago, claiming that owners Suzanne, Mario, and Sergio Riva fired him without cause and that they used the restaurant’s bank account for personal expenses. According to City File, “He also says that when he was ultimately dismissed and requested his outstanding paychecks, the Rivas refused and threatened to expose him as a drunk if he took legal action against them.” Irving Mill filed a countersuit last week, alleging that Schaefer refused to get treatment for his drinking and also mentioning “repeated mismanagement of the restaurant and repeated refusal to obey the orders of the restaurant ownership.” Check out the complaints, which indicate that Schaefer is seeking at least $100,000, over at City File.

Irving Mill and Its Former Chef Face Off [City File]