Food Trucks Under Attack

Photo: Ball Game 68 via Flickr

In a bleak day for food trucks, The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is trying to track down 21-year old Nery Perez for his alleged connections to a criminal crew that has robbed 22 East L.A. taco trucks at gunpoint in the last two months. The L.A. Times reports that local taco-slingers have feared coming forward, causing police to ponder whether the assaults could be more widespread. On the slightly sunnier side of truckin’, Eater lets us know that the next food truck barreling down the boulevard will be Baby’s Badass Burgers. The pink, porn-themed burger service starts Monday, with girls in pum-pum shorts and heels serving “cougar” and “hot chick” burgers. We’re convinced Carl’s Jr.’s frat-boy-aimed marketing machine must be responsible and stuck in overdrive.

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