‘I Still Ate It’ and Other New Delicacies From Around the Internets

Four new things guaranteed to keep your productivity in check.
Four new things guaranteed to keep your productivity in check.

And now a quick look at some of the new or improved things to happen in the restaurant webspace of late.

I Still Ate It: Perhaps inspired by our post last week on death-wish-style eating, there is now I Still Ate It (“It was a little gross, but …”). If it can keep pace, it stands a good chance of being a blog-to-book success, and in the meantime, others’ poor judgment is our entertainment. Sample entry: “Last night I found week-old lo mein in my fridge. I tasted it; it was gross. I threw it in the garbage. Fast-forward three hours. I am stoned. I wander into the kitchen and remember the week-old lo mein nestled in the trash. I take it out and inspect it. Still gross. Grosser, even. I still ate it. Tasty.”

NewYorkPicks: Annoying interstitial caps aside, this site just launched in beta to track restaurant buzz on Twitter. Here is what people are tweeting about Kesté, for example. At the outset, it seems somewhat less susceptible to shills than other public forums, plus, in theory, it’s in real time. It needs a slightly larger user-base to kill, but if nothing else it’s eliminating Twitter noise and is nicely focused, which are never bad things.

NBC New York: The Peacock’s local effort was out of beta as of the end of last week, with a new look and streamlined navigation. Food and restaurant content is here, and this mood thing could be something — the crowd is “bored” by, for example, Thrillist’s Hamptons party photos. Seems, too, NBC will do some amount of reviewing, such as of blog darling JoeDoe’s.