Hipster Mash-ups: Macro-Sea Pools Meets Rockaway Taco; Asia Dog Meets An Choi

An Choi's back patio
An Choi’s back patio Photo: Melissa Hom

According to an e-mail, Rockaway Taco, the oceanside taco shack that uses local and roof-grown vegetables, will be making a special appearance at Macro-Sea Pools, the secret swimming pool located off the Gowanus. That’s right: Rooftop farming meets recycled dumpsters in a one-two punch of urban repurposing! Sadly, we can’t tell you who to e-mail for the pool’s location because we’d get the sort of flak experienced by the reporter who outed that underground climbing facility. But here’s more pop-up news: An Choi, which tells us it has finally scored a liquor license and is serving Vietnam’s 33 Export beer as well as a selection of rosé, Lambrusco, and white wines, is hosting Asia Dog every Monday this month except August 17.