New Guss’ Ad Is Nothing Short of Pickle Porn


We’ve just gotten around to reading the recently released “Germany issue” of Heeb magazine, which features Feed editor Gabriella Gershenson’s recipe for “Final Solution German Chocolate Cake,” a story about a Jewish restaurant in Germany that uses Hitler in an ad, candid advice about using sausages in the bedroom from alt-porn impresario and New York Diet alum Joanna Angel, and (oh yeah!) Rosanne Barr wearing a chocolate Hitler mustache. But the thing that really gave us pause — this Guss’ Pickles ad. Um, wow. Clearly the mom-and-son operation is going the extra mile (and taking a page from pervy fast-food ads) in order to restore the flagging sales Roger Janin told us about when he revealed his plans to move to Borough Park. But the pickle juice — really?