First Look at Brooklyn Bowl’s Full Menu: The Latest in Lowbrow Brilliance

Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Bowl

As promised, Brooklyn Bowl debuts its full menu tonight. On it: French-bread pizzas, including an intriguing butternut-squash-and-mushroom variety. When our reporter Bennett Marcus cornered Blue Ribbon owners Bruce and Eric Bromberg at last week’s premiere of Julie & Julia, they called the dish “the best possible item” and explained it thusly: “It’s a lot of cheesy, sloppy childhood memories being brought up. It’s a re-creation of a lot of childhood meals of us learning how to cook together and cook for ourselves.” To that end, the sauce is “our own version of ragù.” Other items that will be permanently added to the menu tonight: Pork rinds (!); smoked BBQ wings; family-size salads; roasted Adobo corn (with queso-fresco-chipotle butter and lime); a potato-and-onion knish; malted milks; a “Bourbon Street Shake,” made with praline, Nutella, and bourbon; and Blue Ribbon’s patented banana split. Here’s your first look at the whole shebang.

Brooklyn Bowl menu