Fine-Dining Temple Cru Is Threatened With Eviction

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Earlier today, a trusted tipster informed us: “A friend of mine walked by Cru and saw that there were notices posted indicating that the restaurant was seized by the civil court.” And this just in from a reader: “Cru is closed for non payment of rent … court eviction notices on the entrance door.” We haven’t been able to reach the restaurant, but its outgoing message says it will be closed from August 23 till September 8, without mentioning why. Depending on how easy this will be to resolve (after all, Kurve is still up and running after its brush with the landlord back in January), it looks like Shea Gallante’s departure was fortuitously timed. Actually, Frank Bruni was the “gastrodamus” here — while praising Cru, he pointed out that even though it has made adjustments such as introducing à la carte menu items and moving some of its less expensive (though still costly) bottles to the top of its wine list, the restaurant had surely felt the pinch of a dwindling number of fine diners. He speculated that Gallante’s departure had something to do with that. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.