Colbert Horrifies Marion Nestle With Sugar Shower


Last night, NYU food-studies professor Marion Nestle went on The Colbert Report to discuss reports of a domestic-sugar shortage. Basically, food companies want cheaper sugar and policies that have been in place since the Great Depression (and that were reinforced by the 2008 Farm Bill saying that 85 percent of total sugar in the U.S. must be produced domestically) are limiting foreign supply and raising prices. Nestle pointed out that “everyone in America pays higher prices for sugar than we need to,” and that we could be getting sugar from Africa, which would be nice for them, or just eating less of it. Unfortunately, she was so unsettled by Colbert’s behavior, she had to make those points on The Atlantic’s food channel today. See how Colbert stole the show with his sugar shower in the clip, below.

Sugar: What You Didn’t See on Colbert [Atlantic]