Bruni Reviews Choco Taco in First of Many Publicity Gambits


Nightline has released some clips from the interview with Frank Bruni that will air tomorrow night, and while three of them deal with the eating issues addressed in his memoir, one of them is a fun trip to a Mister Softee truck that ends in Bruni reviewing a Choco Taco. The verdict: It doesn’t give him the “multiple layers of pleasure and joy” that he was expecting and “is like day-old gum.” The result is something similar to “Sophie’s choice: Eat it or throw it away.” Of course, Bruni has done these lowbrow experiments before (witness his macaroni-and-cheese tasting with Mo Rocca), but this is the first (and, we're guessing, far from the last) time we've seen him do it without a plate over his face.