Bobby Flay Affirms His Impeccable Manliness by Calling Horse Race


We got a kick out of this video of Bobby Flay calling last Sunday’s eighth race at Saratoga Springs (this is the kind of thing you get to do when you’re a celebrity chef). According to the New York Racing Association, which posted the video, Flay has been watching races (at Belmont) since he was a kid, and he now owns and races horses himself. Flay apparently got some ribbing from track announcer Tom Durkin for the line “they’re smokin’ out of the gate” (“Thank you, Bobby,” said Durkin, “and thank goodness you know how to cook a soufflé”), but overall he avoided any “boom goes the dynamite”–type gaffes. By the way, if you missed Flay teaching Obama how to grill a rib-eye during a Father’s Day event, take a look — Obama defends himself as a medium-well guy. The Prez does not like his steak bloody.