Baby-Chick Shortage; Is Wal-Mart Knocking Off the Girl Scouts?


• The increasing popularity of backyard chicken coops means that hatcheries can barely keep up with the demand for baby chicks. [NYT]

• An Ohio mom is accusing Wal-Mart of creating knockoffs of Thin Mints and Tagalongs; she sampled the alleged imitations at the BlogHer conference. [Ad Age]

• Julia Child’s influence is felt even now by New York chefs like Pichet Ong and Michael Psilakis. [NYDN]

• In an effort to increase worker efficiency, Starbucks is introducing more “lean” production techniques like moving commonly used syrups closer together. [WSJ]

• One Anthony “Cousin Vinny” Agnello may be fined almost $100,000 by Subway for using one of the chain’s shops as a strip club after hours. [NYP]

• Competitive eater Tim Janus doesn’t eat anything before or after a match and carries liters of soda with him at all times. [NYT]