Animal’s Pop-up Up and Running in Montauk


Animal's pop-up restaurant at the Backyard Restaurant at Sole East is now up and running, two days into its weeklong stint in Montauk. Jon Shook, and not his partner Vinny Dotolo, is the half of the operation that made the trip east, and a spot inspection last night indicates that he is indeed putting people in seats. The various Animal staples they're offering are for the most part excellent (their seven-item pop-up menu is below), every bit as good as you can get them on Fairfax. Saturday is fully booked, and spots for the rest of the nights are going fast, according to Jon. If one were to head east, the ideal order is a three-courser: first, crispy hominy and petit basque, the latter something of a French onion soup without the soup; second, the pig-ear salad; and finally, the pork-belly sliders and their famous Foie Gras Loco Moco. If you stick around past service, ask Jon for a shot of the excellent tequila he's got stashed back in his room, unless he killed the bottle after we left last night.

Animal at Sole East
Crispy Hominy, Lime 7.
Pig Ear, Chili Lime, Fried Eggs 12.
Melted Petit Basque, Chorizo, Garlic Bread 12.
BBQ Pork Belly, Brioche 12.
Foie Gras Loco Moco, Quail Eggs, Spam, Hamburger 35.
Balsamic Pork Ribs, Green Beans, Sungold Tomatoes, Arugula, Chili Lemon Vinaigrette 37.
Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar, S & P Anglaise 8.