Will Kampuchea Do Cambodian Barbecue Next?

Photo: Courtesy of Kampuchea

How we love open kitchens. Last week a reader sent us a please-be-true tip: “I overheard Ratha Chau (it was pretty dark in there, but it’s gotta be him) saying that there’s going to be a Cambodian BBQ place opening in early fall of this year. They were discussing an upcoming friends/family event too. I’m guessing it’s an addition to the Kampuchea family?” Publicity tells us that Chau and his partners are indeed talking about a barbecue concept, but it’s one of ten options on the table, and a decision on which one of them will best serve Kampuchea’s insatiable clientele could be anywhere between a week or months away. Keep in mind, Kampuchea and Num Pang partner Ben Daitz also has his hands full with the Vanderbilt — given that it opens late summer or early fall, that may have been the friends-and-family event our reader heard mention of. Either way, we’re happy the empire is growing, if not quite at Baoguette speeds.