What Do We Have to Do to Get a Phone Charger Around Here?

Photo: Courtesy of Apple

Can we get all Andy Rooney on you for a second? It’s a known fact that iPhone batteries are complete crap (yes, even the new ones), and yet everyone has an iPhone, or will have one eventually — so why don’t bars and restaurants keep chargers around? Our 3G has died on us mid-risotto so often that we figure this is a common problem, but even if it isn’t, we’re begging enterprising restaurateurs to sink some ducats into a docking station or two (or if they’re in Williamsburg, six or seven) so we never again need to decide between ordering another Lambrusco or running home in order to juice our phone. It’s like, how many times have we spotted Rocco DiSpirito making out with twin sisters and been unable to photograph or tweet it for Grub Street? (Okay, that’s never happened.) Just think of iPhone chargers as the new purse stools — they’re an easy solution to a common problem. But you know what, forget it — we’re not out to change the dining world. Just, if you know of any establishments that are thoughtful enough to provide these (and fine, BlackBerry chargers, too), will you let us know in the comments? We don’t care if all they serve is Boone’s Farm and Hudson River hogchoker — we’re totally hitting them up next time we’re in need of voltage. And if you’re a restaurateur or tavern keeper who wants to get with the program, e-mail us — we’ll give you a shout-out. Heck, you can even charge us for them.