Vendor Permits Could Vanish; River Café Sues Artist


The Health Department is considering pulling 500 street-vendor permits in response to widespread fraud. [NYP]

The River Caf sued artist Olafur Eliasson for $3 million to cover supposed water damage from last years Waterfalls installation. [NYP]

Twenty former East Village squatters cleaned up Rays Candy Store after it was hit with 60 health violations. [Villager]

New Yorkers are being overcharged for milk up to $6 a gallon in Manhattan, one city councilman alleges. [NYP]

Milwaukees Will Allen is the nations go-to expert on urban farming. [NYT]

PepsiCo will expand its manufacturing and distribution network in Russia with a $1 billion investment. [WSJ]

The town of Mealhada is Portugals suckling-pig capital. [WSJ]