Ultra, Home, and Guest House Close, But Owners Open New Ones

Say good-bye to Ultra's "tree house."
Say good-bye to Ultra’s “tree house.” Photo: Courtesy of Ultra

Fashion Week is coming up, which means a slew of new nightlife venues. Well, not quite a slew, but Zagat reports that the owners of Home and Guest House (both of which recently closed) are opening a restaurant tentatively called HRH (His Royal Highness) on 21st Street, across from the former Lot 61. And the owner of Ultra, Tommy Tardie, tells us that after three years in the Flatiron, he’ll close the club for a major overhaul on August 12 and reopen it on September 7 as La Pomme. He says the vibe will be Fellini-esque — “sophisticated but with an edge of mischief.” For instance, there’ll be eighteen-foot photo murals by Fadil Berisha and seemingly Victorian wallpaper that reveals hypodermic needles, razor blades, brass knuckles, and gold teeth when you take a closer look. Tardie is also working with Ami Goodheart to bring “beautiful over-the-top performance art” to the parties (it won’t be quite as structured and raunchy as the stuff at the Box). Light appetizers will be served, but there are no “gastrolounge” pretentions here — Tardie says there will be a table minimum, though he’s working with a mixologist to come up with alternatives to bottle service.

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