Submarina Wants to Introduce New York to ‘California Subs’


Baja Fresh was just the beginning — Cali-based chain Submarina California Subs will come to 3143 Steinway Street in Astoria “soon,” according to an employee at the Häagen-Dazs that will be reconfigured to accommodate it. Submarina’s hook: large portions of fresh ingredients (including meat and cheeses sliced to order as well as daily sliced local produce such as avocado, pepperoncini, and sprouts) stacked onto bread (whole wheat, squaw, etc.) that’s freshly baked by local bakeries. Founded in 1977 by two San Diego postal workers who’ve since retired (the son of one of them now runs the company), the chain currently has over 60 locations in seven states, and it recently landed an investor with the aim to develop in thirteen more markets including New Jersey and Connecticut. Since its prices are generally higher than Subway’s (though certain locations have recently introduced $5 foot-long deals), you have to wonder how it plans to survive in a city known for its deli sandwiches. Then again, if Subway can keep opening stores here …