The Tim Hortons–Dunkin’ Donuts Showdown: Day 1


McDonald’s has introduced free sample-size mochas on Mondays as well as a $4 “premium” angus burger in order to “convey the message that McDonald’s isn’t just a place for broke people to scarf cheap eats” (in the words of the Big Money), but the focus today was on the “donut wars,” as CBS Sunday Morning calls the face-off between Tim Hortons and Dunkin’ Donuts. Urbanite’s informal tasters liked Tim Hortons coffee better, and they also liked Timbits more than Munchkins by a margin of five to three: “Timbits were denser, more cake-like, while Dunkin’s were airier. One taster said the Timbits felt less artificial. Not surprisingly, the Timbits were much smaller than their American counterparts.” Meanwhile, the Feed’s sixteen tasters preferred Dunkin’: “The popable Munchkins were deemed sweeter, lighter, fluffier and the favorite in 11 instances.” Diner’s Journal, meanwhile, sampled five types of doughnuts side-by-side and called it a draw: “Neither chain posted a clear winner or an overall advantage in quality. Conclusion: Mass-produced doughnuts are achieving total global mediocrity.” With the race being so close, Dunkin’ operatives were out in full force handing out $1-off coupons to would-be Tim Hortons initiates, according to Midtown Lunch. It is most definitely on. Were any readers converted by the Canucks today?