The Burger Register: New York’s 82 Most Notable Burgers


Anyone who spends time eating their way around the five boroughs of this restaurant-obsessed city knows that when it comes to food, New Yorkers are prone to all sorts of wild enthusiasms and fads. But when almost a decade ago, Daniel Boulud decided to stuff a short-rib-rich patty with a melting deposit of foie gras and serve it — for the incredible price of $27 (now $32) — on a fresh-baked brioche bun, what followed was no mere fad. It was the beginning of a socio-gastronomic awakening, and we are now living in a brave new burger world.

Thanks to the tinkerings of world-class chefs like Boulud, innovative “blends” by boutique butchers like Pat LaFrieda, and the savvy marketing of restaurateurs like Danny Meyer, New York City is awash in options, from business-lunch burgers made with lamb (Anthos) to chic nightclub sliders made with kobe beef (Avenue). Or you can simply enjoy one of the greatest hamburger creations the world has ever seen (Shake Shack’s Shack Burger) while you sit on a bench in the park — or, better, delivered to your seat while you watch a ballgame.

But those are just three standout burgers — New York has dozens more patties worthy of your attention. Eighty-two, to be exact — and we’ve rounded them all up here. For the first time, you will find all of the city’s noteworthy burgers dutifully codified, analyzed, and collected in one place. In alphabetical order, our Burger Guide gives comprehensive details: meat composition, patty weight, bun details, topping options, preparation, prices — all presented with lustrous, appetite-whetting photographs for your viewing pleasure. Consider it our road map to the revolution, a labor of love, and — until next week’s crop of haute burgers pop up — the definitive burger guide. When you’re done drooling, check out our Burger Registers for Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Boston.