Tac Quick Thai: Why Do We Even Bother Calling It a Secret Menu Anymore?


Today’s edition of Tasting Table Chicago (the new email newsletter in town — think a culinary Daily Candy or Thrillist) spills the beans further on one of Chicago’s worst-kept culinary secrets: the “secret menu” at Tac Quick Thai restaurant (you may remember it from such previous starring roles as an episode of Check, Please! and near-constant mentions on LTHForum). For those not yet in the know, TTC editor Heather Sperling lays it out: all you have to do is ask, and the hostess will hand over a one-sheet containing fare so far beyond your standard pad thai that your socks (if you’re wearing them) will be knocked off. Heather’s suggestions: neua dad deaw (a marinated jerky-like beef), yum kra por plaa (fish maw salad), and the visually unnerving kra phrao kai khai yeo ma — a chicken and basil stir-fry topped with eerily dark-yolked fried preserved eggs. [Tasting Table Chicago]

[Photo: Dmnkly/LTHForum]