See, This Is Why We Love Keith McNally


OMG. Keith McNally is always good for a quote, but his latest is just one big barrel of laughs. He runs roughshod over Eater’s Gatekeepers column by first dispensing seemingly useful advice (Saturday is easier than Wednesday or Thursday for walk-ins) and then quickly taking a flight into fancy (at least, we’re hoping). On bribes: “I never take gifts, ever. It’s against my principle. I do take cash, however. And as much of it as I can get.” On celebs: “A lot of celebs have been to Minetta Tavern lately but I have an unbendable policy of never mentioning their names. Especially when it’s Woody Allan [sic], Ben Affleck and Madonna a couple of Tuesdays ago. Or Jude Law and a waitress from Pastis on Thursday.” Okay, so he might be going a touch far when he jokes about taking advantage of a drunk female patron (request he couldn’t accommodate? “To leave her apartment when she asked me to. I think the police were called in eventually”), but he quickly makes a save when asked where he likes to eat: “I love Maxwell’s Plum on 64th and 1st. (Is it still open?).”

The Gatekeepers: Minetta Tavern’s Keith McNally [Eater]