Scoopage: Chinatown Ice Cream Factory Now Serving Cupcakes and Cupcake Ice Cream

Photo: Courtesy of Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Last night, any embarrassment we felt over rolling into Chinatown Ice Cream Factory wearing their lactose-tolerant-dragon shirt (the foodie equivalent of sporting a band’s T-shirt to the concert) quickly subsided when we saw it on the menu: “cupcake ice cream.” The store is now making “Factory Freezes” (sorbet blended with soda), but our intention was actually to score some pineapple sorbet and mix it with white wine to re-create the terremoto (“earthquake”) that was quaffed in the Chile episode of No Reservations. But then, cupcake ice cream is kind of irresistible, no matter our feelings about cupcake wine. The flavor, added in the past month, was described to us as a mix of vanilla, chocolate, and sprinkles (the shop’s Twitter advertises it as “red velvet”). But it’s sold out! And it’s uncertain when it’ll come back. The CICF’s website says it’s now selling actual red-velvet cupcakes, too, and it added another flavor a few days ago: don tot, or “egg custard.” Anyway, we’re following them on Twitter so we don’t show up late to the party again.