Please Welcome the Latest Pinkberry Knockoff, Berry Lover


While the “doughnut wars,” “coffee wars,” and “fruit wars” rage on, there’s been a flare-up in that old chestnut, the fro-yo wars. Yet another Pinkberry imitator, Berry Lover, has opened across from the UA Kaufman Studios Cinema, and this one is seriously upping the ante by selling soups, wraps, gelato, and even muesli with fro-yo. Our favorite item, however, was the shaved ice topped with Berry Berry and condensed milk (other yogurt flavors include green tea, pomegranate, and the highly unoriginal “original”) — of course, it’s an item straight off Pinkberry’s menu, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Check out the store’s highly familiar interior below.

Photo: Daniel Maurer

37-11 35th Ave, nr. 37th St., Astoria, Queens