Om Bankrupt, But Still Open (For Now)

Photo: Om

Om has filed for bankruptcy, reports the Herald. The restaurant has no immediate plans to close, but its landlord, Raj Dhanda, is planning to evict Om and Bombay Club from their spaces in the Crimson Galleria. Dhanda has two prospective restaurants lined up to take the empty spaces (an Indian restaurant in Bombay Club’s space and a Spanish restaurant in Om’s), but says that negotiating a better deal for the spaces is not the reason for eviction. He tells us that both restaurants are in “very serious financial default.” Om is in bankruptcy and Dhanda says that Bombay Club’s lease is up by the end of the year, but they haven’t paid rent for “a number of months” and checks they have written have bounced. We weren’t able to reach Bombay Club’s owner and Om representatives declined to talk to us about the bankruptcy and eviction, but those craving Michael Madden’s momos and duck confit spring rolls should probably visit while they can.

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