Obnoxious Website Music: New York’s Most Notable Offenders


Last week, Eater SF tried to shame San Francisco restaurants whose websites had auto theme music. It was so long overdue that we thought wed do the same for New York. We confined our search to top restaurants and avoided the cheesier, loungier eateries, but we still found a lot of playbook samba and electronica in the mix. Heres the list so far feel free to add others. And rest assured, we actually like some of these songs (Guava Jelly? Totally!), we just dont like them unexpectedly blasting from our speakers to the amusement of our cubemates.

Market Table Guava Jelly by Johnny Nash
Wallse - Pale Blue Eyes by Lou Reed
DBGB - The Magnificent Seven by the Clash
The Harrison - The Rumor by the Band
Café Boulud - Mini, Mini, Mini by Jacques Dutronc
The Red Cat - Midnight Rider by Willie Nelson
Mermaid Inn - Summer by War
STK - One by U2
the little owl - Runaway Love by Linda Clifford

Daniel - Who Needs Forever? by Thievery Corporation and Astrud Gilberto
SushiSamba - All I Need by Steve Bug
Le Bernardin
BR Guest
Terroir - Stargazing by Tayla
Pegu Club - Nar-i Can by Mercan Dede
Rickshaw Dumplings - Samba de Uma Nota So by Stan Getz
BLT Market - Bossa Per Due by Nicola Conte
Morimoto - Sega Mullett by Mains Ignition
Lever House - Natureland by Amon Tobin

Gotham Bar & Grill
Chinatown Brasserie - "Yumejis Theme" from In the Mood for Love
Daniel - Heaven by Bitter:Sweet
Philippe - The Look of Love by Diana Krall
BLT Steak - Blues Walk by Lou Donaldson
BLT Fish - Season of the Witch by Al Kooper
BLT Prime - Moanin by Art Blakey
BLT Burger - Shadow Dancers by George Benson
Socarrat Paella Bar
Sfoglia Restaurant - Eroe Senzeroina by Roberto Freak Antoni and Alessandra Mostacci

Now if only we had time to tackle reservation line-hold music ...