NYPL Getting a Lounge; Green Tote Bags Pose Health Risk


The Bryant Park Corporation is in talks with Ark restaurants to create a lounge behind the New York Public Library. [Crain's]

A new study suggests that reusable grocery totes are "a breeding ground for bacteria and pose a public health risk." [Urbanite/amNY]

Knockoffs of major U.S. brands, like faux-Pinkberry Cocoberry, are popping up across India. [NYT]

Broadway lights dimmed last night to honor Harry Edelstein, the recently deceased owner of Cafe Edison. [City Room/NYT]

Jason Neroni is working on a cookbook. [jason neroni/Twitter via Eater]

Le Cirque's Sirio Maccioni will undergo open heart surgery. [NYP]

Illustrator Edward Sorel says that the walls at Monkey Bar are absolutely his last restaurant mural project. [Zagat Buzz]

A small iced coffee from Tim Hortons has 80 calories. The culprit? Liquid sugar. [Urbanite/amNY]